November 2022

We are really proud of Avril Clark the person who runs Distinction Partner Support, who won Trans Ally of the Year 2022 at the Trans In The City gala this week.

We cannot express how much this means to us, a small but global organisation that supports partners of trans & non binary people.

Congratulations Avril!

#TransAwarenessWeek #TransAlly

September 2022 update

We are pleased to unveil the new branding, logo and profile picture for Distinction. It was time for a refresh and we have had the original logo for over 10 years, it was a stock photo and it didn’t really reflect who we are. The new one is similar and has the same meaning behind it but it is unique and has been designed exclusively for us.

Distinction is self funded by Avril. Every few years she may ask for small donations to help cover some of the costs (website etc) but that is all. She has saved some money so she can purchase a roller banner to display when she is at prides, trans prides and events that she does with Trans Radio UK (TRUK) where they have a stall, to try and get the word out more about us.

To this end it seemed to make sense to bring Distinction into the TRUK family. Avril and her wife are co-founders of and run Trans Radio UK (which is where the TRUK comes from) a global community radio station run by a global team, TRUK Listens which is a helpline for trans and non binary people managed by trans and non binary people and TRUK United FC which is the history making inclusive football team that TRUK also runs. They also have an activism Twitter @LGBWithTheT. By bringing Distinction into the TRUK family it will enable us to have a wider global reach which we as a group feel is really important, hence there is a small TRUK logo our new poster.

January 2022

Avril, owner of Distinction, speaks to Chrissie from The Global Voice radio about what it is like to have a transgender partner, Distinction Support, Trans Radio UK (for the community by the community), TRUK United FC (inclusive football team), TRUK Listens (a helpline for the trans community) and trans activism