I joined Distinction over 2 years ago, a few days after my partner told me that they where MTF. My life was shattered what would I do, where would I go and how could I cope. I did not know which way to turn.

 I was introduced to Distinction through a nurse at work who found the group and recommended the book Trans Partner Support Handbook written by Jo Green, the original founder of Distinction. I ordered their book and began reading in earnest.

 I joined the group and was accepted as a member very quickly and really felt supported from my very first post until present day. I couldn’t believe that there where others in the same situation as I was. I wasn’t the only person although I must say it felt like it.

 Through the group I have made some very good friends and have been able to accept and love my wife more and more enjoying the family journey that we are all on now. Without Distinction I wouldn’t be here today as a wife of the love of my life. THANK YOU X


My partner came out to me during lockdown and, having found Distinction, I have found a place of support and advice that has helped me so much. People have generously shared their stories giving me courage and knowledge to help my partner however the future may go.


I have found this group very supportive. I don’t want to burden trans friends with my feelings, but my cis friends often don’t understand. It’s been really helpful to find a group who are trans-positive, but understand that there can be complicated feelings for partners.


Distinction is a fantastic website and Facebook group which has given me support in hard times and a place to share the good times. Everyone is so supportive and I feel safe and that I can say anything without judgement. Thank you.


I had spent many years looking for a supportive space as a wife of a trans woman. Everywhere seemed to be full of negativity and never seemed to be a real safe space where you could really talk honestly. I happened across Distinction in 2016 and have never felt so comfortable. It is a real mix of different partners with different experiences but just so supportive.